Dad n Me

Short back story

I grew up in a very physically ,emotionally relationship with my Dad.

He hated everything I did, from sports,art, music, often telling me I would amount to nothing.

As a child I would also be bullied by my fellow students because of my unusual ear lobes because its extended longer than normal and I don't have an ear hole which makes me literally deaf on my left ear.

I had no one to turn to as my Dad would only get irritated and hit me if I even asked for help.

The thing that saved me was music, and in the end music healed me and my Dad relationship.

After years of not talking or even acknowledging my Dad , he became very ill and needed a caregiver.

I was the last person to do this but I wanted one more try to heal and have a relationship with him.

I started caring for him 10yrs ago and the last 6yrs when he got Dementia is when the healing started.

Dementia made him loving, liked music, arts, laughing, all the things I grew up without.

He was like a baby, I had to clean him, cook, walk him, as he forgot all these things with Dementia, but it was worth it to me to have this new Dad, a second chance.

I started filming us to just have something to do while caring for him.

I made a video of me just playing as he sat in the background tapping his hand and it went viral on Facebook.

Than after he was receptive to music, I started giving him instruments to play, one thing lead to another than we were performing together on FB and also for Elderly homes.

Around 200 videos later we had a big following from people around the world that could relate to our journey.

In short Music has helped me heal and helped many others around the world heal from abuse, mental illness, Dementia, Alzheimer's especially their caregivers.

Music, real care, Love, Aloha in every way.

Here is some of our videos.  


Dad n Me

Dad n Me

Dad n Me